chevrolet plans special volt to qualify for carpool sticker, rebate - 110 electric motor

by:Jeason     2019-09-08
chevrolet plans special volt to qualify for carpool sticker, rebate - 110 electric motor
General Motors
Plans to bring a special edition of Chevrolet Volt to the California market, which will qualify the plug
Buy a hybrid car with a $1,500 state rebate and mouth-watering carpooling lane sticker.
The carmaker's Volt, which makes posters for its environmental certification, is selling slower in California than all its products.
Nissan's electric rival-
Part of the reason is that it was not previously qualified to be a self-driving car that drivers could use in the state's time Network
Save carpooling.
GM said it will start shipping a special version of the "low-emission packaging" car that meets the requirements of the California Aviation Resources board next month and will start selling next month.
These vehicles include additional emissions.
"Control equipment and software and reduce emissions," Chevrolet spokesman Robert Peterson said . ".
But Thilo Kosloski, a car analyst at Gartner Inc. , said whether this would have a big impact on Volt sales is questionable.
A small number of car buyers will pay more for the ability to "get to Point B faster from point A", but starting this year, he said, volt will face more competition from other cars that are expected to get the same rebate and lane access and Ford will start selling a full vehicle
Electric focus and plug provided
Mixed version of Big fusion.
Toyota has a Prius plug.
Honda plans to launch a plug
Version of Honda Accord.
Everything about Tesla
Electric S car.
Also, with California adding more toll lanes and starting to stop single drivers, the value of carpooling lane stickers is falling-
No matter what car they drive-
From those lanes
Officials are transforming the 25-mile carpooling lanes on highways 10 and 110 into toll lanes.
Carpooling and buses have free access to the driveway, but all single drivers have to pay up to $1.
40 miles during peak hourshour traffic.
"There is still a big premium for this vehicle that hinders consumer adoption.
"Instead, you might use that extra money to buy some way into these new fast track," Kosloski said . ".
Sales of electric vehicles and plugs
In hybrid cars like Volt, battery and gasoline hybrids are just a small part of American cars. S.
Last year's market
Nissan's Leaf, all
Only 9,674 electric cars were sold and 7,671 Volts were sold in Chevrolet.
More than 60% of the leaves are sold in California, in part because they are eligible for carpooling lane permits and state rebates.
So far, only about 30% of the Volts have been sold to California residents.
GM said the car was in the final "paperwork" phase approved by state officials.
A spokesman for the aviation resources board declined to comment, saying only that the certification process was still in the "secrecy" phase.
Previously, Volt was not eligible for any award from California because it would generate emissions when its charge ran out and would generate four-
Start the cylinder gas engine.
The gas engine acts as a generator to power the motor or, in some cases, directly to the drive train.
Depending on the weather and driving conditions, Volt can travel about 40 miles on power alone.
However, if Volt is eligible for state officials, buyers of the California version will be eligible for a $1,500 rebate outside of the $7,500 federal tax credit and carpooling access. All-
Electric cars like Leaf, which are not discharged, are eligible for stickers and a $2,500 rebate.
GM says it will not charge California buyers extra fees due to lower prices
Emissions package.
The price tag for Volts is $39,995.
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